Customer Data Platform

Do you want a complete and secure view on your customers and on your business data?

To dedicate yourself to what really matters, your business, you need to be able to count on reliable, organized and structured data with the best technologies ever.

Try our Archive & Segment Solution!

Every day, many companies waste time and resources on trivial and long tasks of archiving, analyzing and profiling information on customers, operations and events concerning the sector in which they work. The worst part of it all is that they don't even know they are wasting time and resources.

Today we have the perfect solutions for your needs, grab the best opportunity for your company now and go beyond the obsolete manual organization of information with our Archive & Segment Solution.

But is it really possible?

Creating a complete and advanced visualization program requires the extraction of different data sources and the technical skills to accurately measure customer loyalty and their behaviors with accurate and constant records.

Archive & Segment Solution is composed by the stable and secure data storage facility of Mnemonics DB and the acute performance of Profilizer to analyze and deepen your relevant information.

Streaming data import

Constant updates, continuous registrations and accuracy in the storage of data on interaction flows, engagement levels to optimize the performance of your marketing strategy.

Functional targeting to your goals

Follow your commercial goals and achieve the best possible results with our solutions for automatic and active customer profiling.

Limitless compatibility and versatility

Our solutions are compliant with popular business intelligence applications such as Tableau and can be used with integrated integrations with Apache Spark, Kafka and many more.

Extreme visibility for you

Improve the customer experience in every aspect thanks to a conscious and real-time analysis of the data, channel your resources along an optimized decision-making process.

Are you ready to have the most powerful reading, importing and data analysis solution of the moment in your hands?