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Do you want to know and exploit the monthly trends of your market in advance to avoid critical issues and solve problems promptly?

We have the perfect combo for you: try Loquens + Mnemonics DB now and discover the Predict & Analyze Solution!

Our solutions record and break down data by geographical areas and countries, categories and critical events: we are here for you and to meet your deepest needs.

You will have access to incredible tools to study the market in a unique process of discovering new market players in your segment with fully automated and optimized operations for your success.

The future and the changes in the market and in the habits of your customers will no longer be a problem because you will have the right tools to manage and make the winning move.

Do you want to get to know your audience better and find out the best way to interact with customers?

We have developed an advanced analysis tool with which you can study and optimize the correlation level, thus directing your future development efforts in order to obtain the desired results, investigate advertising networks and effectively evaluate the permeability of the different market segments.

Find opportunities for future development with our Loquiens + Mnemonics DB combo!

Make the right decisions to conquer the market.

Loquens: all in your hands

Loquens allows you to find everything you need and optimize the performance of your business. Conceived and elaborated with the best technologies of today, Loquens digs up information in huge collections of texts.

Thanks to an elaborate system of automatic data reading and supply of algorithms for advanced mathematical and technical analyzes, Loquens allows users to view and understand future trends in advance. You will be able to make your decisions accurately, risk-free and more informed.

Advanced linguistic capabilities are at the heart of this valuable data mining solution.

You will be able to easily extend text information to structured data mining and accurate, profitable predictive analytics.

Reduce decision making times with accurate automated processes.

Optimize the relevant data discovery process with a unique methodology for identifying key concepts.

• Have access to a high-level view of the data through practical drill-down functionalities.

Recognize trends in advance according to accurate predictive activities and technically and accurately identify opportunities for your business.

All these innovative and enriched skills are the perfect solution for a better understanding of your customers' needs and the trend of the reference market with consequent optimized use of your resources.

Save money, time, and valuable resources with automation that will eliminate tedious and time-consuming text reading and analysis.

Find out now everything you can do with Loquens, contact our experts for your knowledge

Maximum Protection: Mnemonics DB

Mnemonics DB is an efficient system structured as a complex stable architecture of data storage, reading and analysis. This structured analytics solution is the ideal support for all the critical situations of analysis and management of sensitive data.

All your information collected in a complete, accurate, simple system:

  • Encryption and support

Manage your specific security configurations autonomously and efficiently. Choose the security of perfect performance.

  • Registration and completeness

Database logging protects all data in secure external locations to give you the guarantee of non-disclosure of information.

  • No interference

Block the door from intruders with secure access only for DBAs thanks to stringent security measures.

Discover the immediacy of a faster, more accurate and more reliable way to improve customer experience and operations. Thanks to constant monitoring and efficient analysis of insights you can count on greater uptime and quick and optimized decisions.

Your operational data including streaming data, real-time and historical information will be part of a broader, optimized and interconnected vision thanks to an efficient analysis system.

Using distributed ingestion without limitations and a real-time query processing, you will get the freedom to eliminate the costs of data integration tools with built-in batch and reliable and constant supplies of real-time data.

Go beyond the normal and obsolete technologies of yesterday, now is the time to discover the functionalities of the future.

Leave obsolete technologies and discover the world of Mnemonics DB now!