Social Media Analysis

How applying our Deep Analysis Solution to Social Media Data Views Improved a Company's Earnings


Optimization of the customer experience and increase in sales thanks to the improvement of data visualization operations.

The customer examined in the present case study is a small franchise chain of single-product restaurants with venues in Milan and Berlin that has decided to undertake an efficient digital marketing strategy focused on optimizing customer interactions with their social media channels.

Social media is a valuable marketing tool and has certainly improved the level of interactions between brands and their customers. It goes without saying that social media represents a real revolution in communication and in people's online and offline life. In fact, thanks to digital social communication tools, companies can collect a lot of data every moment and their storage, reading and analysis is a fundamental element in the business growth and development policy.

In fact, the present case study demonstrates an incredible improvement in performance in:

- customer loyalty tactics

- solution of problems with the customer experience

- optimized targeting

- bringing people closer to the brand

- strengthening of the corporate reputation

The results obtained after using our Deep Analysis Solution which includes Mnemonics DB + Artificial Intelligence + Profilizer are really interesting:


A complex and well-structured system like our solution improves results in relation to your business objectives thanks to important factors such as:

- accurate predictions on future events

- greater understanding of human behavior

- optimized user profiling

- unique vision enriched with important elements

- technology similar to the human mind applied without margin for error

Every day you will be able to receive and record a wide variety of data through social media channels. The visualization has greatly helped the franchised restaurant company grow its adaptability with unique, in-depth data visualization with concrete and solid performance from which to derive informed business analysis and choices.

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The intelligent archive: Mnemonics DB

Mnemonics DB is an efficient system structured as a complex stable architecture of data storage, reading and analysis. This is the ideal support for all the critical situations of analysis and management of sensitive data.

  • Encryption and support

Manage your specific security configurations autonomously and efficiently. Choose the security of perfect performance.

  • Registration and completeness

Database logging protects all data in secure external locations to give you the guarantee of non-disclosure of information.

  • No interference

Block the door from intruders with secure access only for DBAs thanks to stringent security measures.

Thanks to constant monitoring and efficient analysis of insights you can count on greater uptime and quick and optimized decisions.

Mnemonics DB provides the fastest and most scalable reporting and analytics data. Your operational data including streaming data, real-time and historical information will be part of a broader, optimized and interconnected vision thanks to an efficient analysis system.

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Targeting without secrets: Profilizer

Your business needs organization, segmented and optimized information thanks to our data integration platform for creating complete customer profiles.

In a single solution you will have the data and settings for your operations in a complete view of the customer with whom you want to interact to optimize your multi-channel marketing strategy without falling into problems of corporate security or privacy.

Get a single view of your customer and enhance your multichannel marketing efforts according to the best privacy and security practices.

  • Online and Offline Data Access and Monitoring

Import and use data from CRM, information logs, e-commerce platforms, offline documentation, web forms, app logs and many other sources.

  • Protection of sensitive data

Integrate your most sensitive data to have full and autonomous control over archives and sending and protection activities.

  • Assistance and Customized Solutions for Import and Integrations

We are here for you. Our team of professionals will be able to import data even with the most advanced data integrations helping you to define the success of your business.

The key word is simplicity. The use of this software is easy, intuitive, and immediate. And if you need help, we are here.

Your marketing strategies can finally count on greater dynamism and a complete profiling vision thanks to the consolidation of your customers database.

Map people's habits by following an accurate pattern and exploiting the potential for multiple interaction on all modern channels and devices.

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