Horus is offering a new methodology based on AI & Big Data enabling companies to analyse, identify and get rid of patterns of fraudulent activity hidden within their enterprise data.

Horus enables your business to safely accept all genuine transactions without reducing customer’s user experience and allowing your company to expand in new digital emerging markets mitigating risks.

Our Horus Analytic Platform is composed by different tools, and you can choose only the ones that fit your needs.


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    Use Horus in a few hours through the Software-as-a-Service option.

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The Horus Analytic Platform is powered by

Beyond the vision: Artificial Intelligence

More than a human mind, more than a common synthesis technology: our Artificial Intelligence is reality today.

Designed similarly to biological neurological structures, our AI core is built with Deep Learning technology. This is the perfect union of the human mind with the most modern processing technologies, the ideal balance of something that starts from the most authentic nature of people and merges with the invincibility of calculation and electronic analysis.

Limitless efficiency

Multi-tasking, multifaceted, functional. Our Artificial Intelligence learns by itself according to a mimesis of the human brain that makes the performance of AI unique and accurate, significantly better than any past example.

Accuracy, overcoming the structural barriers of the past, infinite functionality. Data is no longer a limit to all the functions you need. Our AI is capable of analyzing any kind of record layout and data types ranging from numbers to unstructured texts, and it does not need any preceding set-up.

Choose the security of a system without limitations

Deep Learning techniques push the capability of AI to higher limits in a way that no one thought possible even just two years ago in even elaborate tasks such as face recognition, automated speech, self-driving cars, even painting in the style of famous painters.

This is your only solution to finally get very high accuracy and very low false positive rates.

You'll be able to analyze tons of data without effort: the patterns will be automatically discovered by the AI. The entire process is completely effortless and you won’t wasting time anymore in the attempt to figure out how all things operate. Choose the maximum of protection and security in an accurate and current vision with the best of contemporary electronic and computerized analysis technologies.

Concentrate on what’s more important: your business and customers.

Find out now what you can do with our Artificial Intelligence!

Maximum Protection: Mnemonics DB

Mnemonics DB is of an efficient system structured as a complex stable architecture of data storage, reading and analysis. Power, supervision, progress of functions. This structured analytics solution is the ideal support for all the critical situations of analysis and management of sensitive data.

All your information collected in a complete, accurate, simple system:

  • Encryption and support

Manage your specific security configurations autonomously and efficiently. Choose the security of perfect performance.

  • Registration and completeness

Database logging protects all data in secure external locations to give you the guarantee of non-disclosure of information.

  • No interference

Block the door from intruders with secure access only for DBAs thanks to stringent security measures.

Analysis and operation without wasting time

Discover the immediacy of a faster, more accurate and more reliable way to improve customer experience and operations. Thanks to constant monitoring and efficient analysis of insights you can count on greater uptime and quick and optimized decisions.

Mnemonics DB provides the fastest and most scalable reporting and analytics data. Your operational data including streaming data, real-time and historical information will be part of a broader, optimized and interconnected vision thanks to an efficient analysis system.

Optimized performance and costs

Using distributed ingestion without limitations and a real-time query processing, you will get the freedom to eliminate the costs of data integration tools with built-in batch and reliable and constant supplies of real-time data.

According to scrupulous logic and a high security configuration according to the most modern accounting, data storage and compilation structuring schemes, you will have the possibility to protect your information against insider threats. Go beyond the normal and obsolete technologies of yesterday, now is the time to discover the functionalities of the future.

You will be able to abandon the waste of time and the inconclusive slow solutions of the applications of the past because now you will finally have the best tools to process and store data. Faster, without errors. Repeat queries are structured with high-level codes to provide answers to analytical queries without form or repetition errors.

Leave obsolete technologies and discover the world of Mnemonics DB now!

Simplicity and Immediacy: Profilizer

Your business needs organization, segmented and optimized information thanks to our data integration platform for creating complete customer profiles.

Unique and Complete Vision

In a single solution you will have the data and settings for your operations in a complete view of the customer with whom you want to interact to optimize your multi-channel marketing strategy without falling into problems of corporate security or privacy.

Get a single view of your customer and enhance your multichannel marketing efforts according to the best privacy and security practices. Enrich your dataset and exploit all the potential of the most modern data storage and analysis technologies by combining data into an ideal solution for your needs.

  • Online and Offline Data Access and Monitoring

Import and use data from CRM, information logs, e-commerce platforms, offline documentation, web forms, app logs and many other sources.

  • Protection of sensitive data

Integrate your most sensitive data to have full and autonomous control over archives and sending and protection activities.

  • Assistance and Customized Solutions for Import and Integrations

We are here for you. Our team of professionals will be able to import data even with the most advanced data integrations helping you to define the success of your business.

The key word is simplicity. The use of this software is easy, intuitive, and immediate. And if you need help, we are here. We give you the possibility to store and combine new data with information and profiles you already have. The operation exploits a dynamic identifier that acts, analyzes and recognizes information by separating the segments into precise views.

New Solutions and Technologies

Your marketing strategies can finally count on greater dynamism and a complete profiling vision thanks to the consolidation of your customers database. You can develop the profiles in a single and complete vision, an analysis point on the individual and collective characteristics of the behaviors and customer records.

Map people's habits by following an accurate pattern and exploiting the potential for multiple interaction on all modern channels and devices. The definition of audiences is important and we give you the possibility to build detailed targets to create personalized content through an advanced system that uses the latest hyper-connected analysis and data profiling technologies.

The future starts now: discover all our solutions and Profilizer technology immediately!

No compromise: Anomaly Detection

There is nothing more useful than a way to independently and successfully monitor all of your data. Grab the security guarantee now with our Anomaly Detection.

It is an advanced AI platform to monitor, analyze and correlate 100% of business data in real time. Our software dramatically improves the performance and reliability of your business with tangible results and performance optimizations.

No more problems with customer experiences

The software helps you find and then resolve customer experience issues. This business is the lifesaver for your small or big problems and are the guarantee for conversions, loyalty and revenues. We empower you to protect customer interactions with your brand through secure touchpoints, multi-channel journeys and predetermined journeys by generating a lot of data that you can use for your business.

With Anomaly Detection you will have the great advantage of constant and deep monitoring of accesses, number of active users, conversion rate and loyalty, cart abandonment and other critical KPIs for your company. Grab the ability to easily enter your ecosystem now to ensure the perfect customer experience and optimize your businesses.

Beyond your vision

The habits and behaviors of human beings are unpredictable and for a company like yours it is impossible to monitor this flow of data manually. Our analysis technology is based on a structured and functional automatic mechanism that observes and records the frequency and type of interactions with customers based on the annual, monthly and daily seasonality as well as analyzing data on products, country, operating system and activities. of marketing undertaken. You can also use Anomaly Detection to monitor the activities of your competitors.

Customer experience metrics are easier to understand and you can use them in a more functional way thanks to Anomaly Detection AI that learns the behavior and seasonality of backend and frontend customer experience data. You will have access to data on the correlation between metrics to create context and visibility with the best possible results for you and your business.

Earn more, now

You will be able to immediately grasp the necessary context of a customer anomaly to find a quick resolution and solve the problem with minimal effect on your profits.

Our latest tracking technology clearly and consistently analyzes the patterns and correlations of all metrics to give you the key to success with fast, accurate and meaningful notifications for your business.

Find out now how to make your customers' experience perfect!

Find out what you are missing to be successful with The Forecast

Do you know that right now you are missing out on many opportunities to improve your performance and therefore earn more but you don't even know it?

We give you the opportunity to enhance your models with accurate predictions and valuation data to discover all the optimization possibilities that you do not see right now. A smarter prediction of the problem or tipping point you have run into requires external data to learn the right fix and adapt.

Efficiency and adaptability

The Forecast is the ideal solution for your business and fits perfectly with any forecasting platform you use. In fact, you will have the possibility to integrate The Forecast API to discover anomalies affecting your business. The system uses the latest technologies and detects and verifies millions of events in all countries of the world. Only in this way will you be able to give your models and actions a chance to improve on a large scale and overcome critical points.

Improve your forecasting models and the future will no longer represent an unknown or a problem to face because you will have the right tools to solve and make the best move. In fact, you will be able to have an advanced knowledge of impact events and make your own assessments in terms of price, marketing strategy and dynamic timing.

Real understanding and analysis of forecasts

Events are the causal factors of demand and notoriously follow no order. We give you the optimized possibility to have direct access to in-depth processing and then use it in templates. You will understand the real extent of the combined impact of events in a functional dualism of enriched and classified events.

Built by data scientists, for data scientists. Who better than a professional in the field can give you exactly what you need for your team of data scientists?

The Forecast is a complex data analysis and processing structure based on Four Great Principles:

1. Workforce Optimization

Future fluctuations in the industry you operate in will be handled in time with the ideal optimization of your human, instrumental and financial resources program.

2. Optimization of material stocks

Demand catalysts are essential for increasing results and optimizing procurement and internal inventory activities.

3. Dynamic predictive analysis

Your predictive analysis strategy will no longer be comparable to any obsolete forecasting system you used in the past because now artificial intelligence gives you the possibility of having perfect models.

4. Centralization of data

A business that works is based on simplicity and easy access to data, discovering all the sharing and multi-channel hyperconnection features for all teams.

Many companies underestimate the importance of working with the knowledge of accurate forecasts and reliable data. Only by removing the element of ambiguity from your forecast data can you have a real view of present and future events.

The causal factors of the market

The most absurd aspect of the business trend is not knowing the reason why sales declines and critical commercial problems occur. The Forecast allows you to understand and verify the anomalies of your proposal, the weak points of the product in relation to future events that will happen all over the world. This is the secret for the knowledge and optimized management of your business considering the incremental and decremental anomalies. The time has come to truly take advantage of every possible fluctuation.

Reduce the prediction error and provide your data scientists with the best data and forecasts. Intelligence external to models is a valuable tool for optimizing the accuracy of predictive activities in correlating actions of your historical business data with the historical event data of The Forecast. In this way you will have an exact analysis document to understand, circumvent and solve the anomalies. You will operate with surgical precision in the business world and understand exactly what is going on like no one else.

Contact our data science experts now and grab the best solutions for your business.

Loquens: all in your hands, simply

Loquens is your magnifying glass to find everything you need and optimize the performance of your business. Conceived and elaborated with the best technologies of today, Loquens digs up information in huge collections of texts.

Thanks to an elaborate system of automatic data reading and supply of algorithms for advanced mathematical and technical analyzes, our Loquens software allows you to view and understand future trends in advance. Only in this way will you be able to make your decisions accurately, risk-free and more informed.

Precise, complete, innovative vision

Advanced linguistic capabilities are at the heart of this valuable data mining solution and allow you to easily extend text information to structured data mining and accurate, profitable predictive analytics.

Loquens is your specific solution for:

Reduce decision making times with accurate automated processes. The intelligent algorithms and the innovative but structured natural language processing techniques simplify and finally make all those long and complicated manual activities such as the identification of clusters accessible with efficiency and consistency.

Optimize the relevant data discovery process with a unique methodology for identifying key concepts. Interactive GUIs allow you to improve relevance scores according to an optimized guide of machine learning results. The automatic text extraction operations are based on the practice of active learning according to an advanced model.

• Have access to a high-level view of the data through practical drill-down functionalities. The visual presentation of the entire data mining process delves into the most relevant details and derived topics and maps the term connections thanks to the interactive interface functions.

Recognize trends in advance according to accurate predictive activities and technically and accurately identify opportunities for your business. You'll have the ability to structure text into efficient numerical representations for a careful summary of the entire collection starting with in-depth inputs for a full range of model and data mining predictions.

All these innovative and enriched skills are the perfect solution for a better understanding of your customers' needs and the trend of the reference market with consequent optimized use of your resources.

Simplicity and process optimization

Save money, time, and valuable resources with automation that will eliminate tedious and time-consuming text reading and analysis. Quantitative data sources and unstructured textual information in a common dimension allow for accurate, complete and easy visualization for you and your team.

Loquens is designed primarily for business analysts, modelers and data scientists - the software allows you to read, analyze and use large volumes of text to extract sections of useful text, relevant topics, hidden ideas and trends. You can apply the features to all sectors with its high performance procedures.

Text mining works by running in multithreaded mode on a single server thanks to a complex system of programmable procedures for Big Text Data. This increases the data you have and extends model development skills that analyze millions of documents and execute models in moments.

Find out now everything you can do with Loquens, contact our experts for your knowledge

Log Analyzer: explorations beyond the idea

Log Analyzer encompasses the great power of the most innovative technological processing and the accuracy of an efficient system of accident investigation and data exploration. Our solution queries log files stored on file systems directly, and you can easily use it on Windows, Linux, Mac or a remote server.

Unlimited volume

Log Analyzer works thanks to a hard connection flow to raw data files thus providing you immediately sets of data that you can analyze during the execution of the query. The best thing about our solution is that you won't have to submit to any import, price, volume limit. This way you can access unrestricted resources relevant to your operations and thus plan to use additional resources for indexed data.

Log Analyzer transforms text-based log files into functional structured virtual views. The huge library of integrated query functions is the beating heart of the technical architecture with which you can obtain advanced insights and complex query compositions. In order to provide you with extensive and in-depth solutions for your analytics needs, Log Analyzer doesn't just boast a browser-based interface. In fact, you can easily execute each query with advanced and customized options, simplifying the integration of Log Analyzer with additional applications that use structured and clean data.

Flexibility and multifaceted vision of resources

The easy-to-read pattern matching language is flexible and also includes multiple registration options with many character sets, timestamp formats, multiline records. Your analysts will have access to advanced systems and models to match and solve the most difficult cases in even unstructured data.

Log Analyzer can manage data in an unlimited way in different places thanks to an efficient distributed computing system. Users have the possibility to interact with our solution through the main browsers providing formatted and responsive results to the user's browser or via REST API with which you can easily and directly integrate your applications.

Built on the basis of a distributed processing model, Log Analyzer is linearly scalable both vertically and horizontally independent of data volumes.

Contact us now and discover all the features and options of Log Analyzer for your business!



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